Our People

Meet the people at John Burton Ltd, who strive to bring you high quality coffee every day.

John Burton
Owner and Managing Director
John has helped pioneer the Coffee Industry in NZ since 1980. NZ coffee is based around quality green beans, and nothing has changed in over 35 years, except adding a few new origins to our mix. After University, John joined a family business that had imported tea since 1933, and when that company sold in 1984, he set up his own business. John loves a strong flat white or a cup of Dilmah tea, and is extremely passionate about the coffee and tea industries in NZ.

Alice Burton
Head of Brand and Development
Alice joined JBL in 2013 after working in marketing and sales since graduating from Otago University. She enjoys working in the coffee industry as she likes being able to work and build relationships with people from all over the world, who all share the same passion. She likes that there is always a new challenge, a way to improve, and an interesting new coffee to try!

Alla Heta
Quality and Sales Manager
Alla joined JBL in 2019, and has worked in tea and coffee for over 10 years!

Danilo Mosca
Quality and Sales
Danny started with JBL in 2016. Originating from Napoli in Italy, Danny knows how to pick a great coffee; his favourite origin types are Kenya AA and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. He has visited coffee farms in Brazil, PNG and Indonesia.

Fiona Carlson
Reception and order dispatch
Fiona is originally from Albury, NSW in Australia. She enjoys working in the coffee industry as there is something new to learn every day, great people to talk to, and access to so many delicious coffee’s.

Ross Bevins
Ross has been with JBL for a number of years (undisclosed) and runs our warehouse.

Natalie Radley
Finance Manager
Natalie joined JBL in 2016, and looks after our finances.


Mark Freeman
Mark joined JBL in 2018, after working in a range of industries, including Wine and FMCG.

Joanne Wieland
Quality and Sales Support
Joanne joined JBL in 2019. While her background is in International Development, she has been a coffee geek for many, many, years. She enjoys learning more about the stories behind the beans, delving into the quality process, tweaking roasts for different brew methods and continually experimenting with soft brew recipes.