John Burton Ltd Strategy for Sustainability

At John Burton Ltd, we aim to build a culture of sustainability and waste reduction. We know that we cannot do this alone, and need our suppliers and customers to be on board with us to create a sustainable supply chain.
For John Burton Ltd, it is more than just a stance, but a way in which we do business through four pillars of sustainable sourcing; cultural, social, environmental and economic. We work to provide transparency and traceability of our green coffee beans to increase consumer understanding and awareness.

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Hermetic Bags and Hessian Jute Sacks

We are constantly figuring out better ways to re-use these bags. Some suggestions are;

Hessian sacks: sell them, donate them to companies that can use them (eg. Auckland Zoo), send them back to us as we can re-use them, use them as weed mats in the garden, turn them into lamp covers, cushion covers or hats, mount them to board and hang them on the wall.

Grain Pro Bags:

  • If un-punctured, they are still perfectly good to re-use for their original purpose; to keep the contents fresh and dry.
  • See if there is a local farmer/producer who you could sell them to, to use for their product, Send them back to us and we will re-use them, use them for compost or grass clippings or as large rubbish bags, and any other suggestions are welcome!