Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee

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Peru Natural Fairtrade Organic certified 


Available by the KG only:

Brazil Ipanema C38 Citric Apple (30kg) [BRA13-KG]
Tasting Notes: This Pulped Natural Catuai has a citric aroma resembling apple mixing with a sweet taste profile and a round body.
Brazil Ipanema C44 Vanilla [BRA12-KG]
Tasting Notes: Vanilla, sweet, chocolate

Brazil Ipanema A35 Winey [BRA31-KG]
Tasting Notes: Winey, Peanuts, Slight dark chocolate

Brazil Ipanema Dulce
Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, caramel and hazelnut notes, with lemon acidity and creamy finish.
Internal Cupping Score: 79.5


Available by the full sack or KG:

3 bags – Colombian La Cabana Honey (30kg) [COL11]
Tasting Notes: Blueberry/strawberry jam, Watermelon, sweet. Clean cup with nice long aftertaste


Available by the KG only:

C1ETH09-KG Ethiopian Guji Danse Mormora Natural
C1ETH12-KG Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Worka Washed
C1ETH16-KG Ethiopian Djimma Gr1 Natural
C1ETH17-KG Ethiopian Yirg Gr1 Adado Natural
C1ETH21-KG Ethiopian Yirg Halu Beriti Washed
C1ETH23-KG Ethiopian Guji Gr1 Arsosala Natural


Available by the KG only:

Guatemala Cooperative El Sendero (69kg) [GUA21-KG]
Tasting Notes: Vanilla aroma, strawberry jam, brown sugar flavour, clean finish. Round body
Internal Cupping Score: 83.5

Guatemala Finca El Cedro – Francisco Morales (69kg) [GUA20-KG]
Tasting Notes: Spice, sweet candy aroma, prune, syrupy, winey flavour
Internal Cup Score: 83.5

Available by the full sack or KG:

Guatemala Finca El Socorro, Red Bourbon – Juan Diego de la Cerda (69kg) [GUA04-KG]
Tasting Notes: Light pear berry aroma, clean, choc pear flavour, juicy, grape, Round, smooth body
Internal Cupping Score: 84.75


Available by the KG:

Nicaragua Santa Maria – Natural (35kg) [NIC06-KG]
Tasting Notes: Soft orange and tropical melon notes. Medium high stonefruit acidity. Smooth body moves to a sticky almond and chocolate finish.
Internal Cupping Score: 84.75


Available by the KG or 30kg box:

C1KEN04 Kenya Gakundu AA
C1KEN15 Kenya Gakundu AB

Available by the KG:

C1KEN17 Kenya Kamagogo AB


Pluma Hidalgo
Disability inclusive coffee for all
Tasting Notes: Aroma of vanilla, almond and strawberry. Notes of green apple, honeycomb and scorched almond, with a light to medium syrupy, smooth body.
Internal Cupping Score: 86
Available by the KG 

PNG Cascara – Neknasi cooperative

A by-product of coffee production – read more about the process here and here

Sale by enquiry; coffee@johnburton.co.nz

Photo taken by Kokako