PNG Border AX

PNG Border AX

Region: Kol region of the Jimi River Valley
Name origins: The area borders on the Wahgi/Sepik dividing range
Screen size: Mixed – 15 and above
Varietal: Typica and Bourbon
Process: Washed, hand pulped and sun-dried
Altitude: 1600 – 2000 meters above sea level
Tasting Notes: Cherry ripe, choc, bright sweet aroma. Cocoa, grapefruit, green grape. Smooth round body. Smooth cocoa finish
Internal Cupping Score:


Border coffee is the parchment buying operation of Ollum from Simbu province. It gets its name from the original buying depot on the Simbu/Jiwaka border region of Nondigul, and this area borders on the Wahgi/Sepik dividing range (Mt Wilhelm is on this range). Ollum is well known to the smallholder farmers on both sides of the range as he has been assisting them to get their coffee to market for the last 10 years.

This particular coffee is grown by smallholders from the Kol region of the Jimi River Valley. This region is just over in the Sepik side of the dividing range, where the coffee is harvested, hand pulped and sundried before been carried out for several kilometres to the access roads, where it can be loaded onto 4-wheel drive vehicles to be transported to the dry factory near Mingende on the Highlands Highway.

The Jimi river area and especially the Kol region is Mountainous and relies almost exclusively on coffee as its main economic activity. This is hindered severely by the difficulty in maintaining the access roads in this steep terrain.

Coffee production in the Jimi River area was spontaneous, as a result of the success of the expansion of plantings in the Wahgi valley in the 1960s. When the indigenous farmers saw the value of coffee as an annual source of income, they took coffee seedlings from the Wahgi Plantations into the more remote areas. During this period of PNG growth, roads were being pushed into many of these areas which helped the growth. But, not all districts were fortunate and those plantings remained isolated from roads. In the case of these Kol district farmers the road was initially constructed but they require annual maintenance which can lead to periods of isolation.



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