Kenya AB Gakundu

Kenya AB Gakundu

Available Mid-June 2020
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Farm Name: Gakundu Coffee Factory
County: Embu County
Number of members: 1,262
Coffee varieties: 60% of SL 28,Ruiru 35% and Batian 5%
Process: Wet processing
Altitude: 1650 meters above sea level
Soil: Red volcanic soils
Grade: AB
Aroma: Fragrance of red wine, choc, cranberry
Tasting notes: Mandarin, golden syrup, med acidity.
Smooth body. Pleasant quick finish
Internal cupping score: 83 points
Bag Size: 30kg vacuum packed, in a box
Number of boxes imported: 18

Sustainable farming
In line with the rising awareness on the need to conserve the environment, the factory has dug the waste water soak pits away from the water source where the waste water is allowed to soak in back to the soil. Currently the factory does not engage in waste water treatment. Additionally the society encourages its members to plant trees on their farms.

Factory Management
Gakundu Coffee factory is run by a factory manager who oversees all activities within the factory.
Together with other staff members they carry out duties such as weighing coffee, selection and grading of coffee, paying farmers and addressing farmers’ complaints.

In addition to coffee, common crops grown are banana and maize. Grevillea or macadamia trees are also planted to provide shade to the growing coffee trees.

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