Guatemala Finca San Juan Antigua

Guatemala Finca San Juan Antigua


Farm: San Juan
Owner: Jose Roberto
Region: Antigua
Town: Ciudad Vieja
Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai
Processing: Washed, sundried on patio
Size of Finca: 3 Hectares
Coffee produced: 5,000 KG(avg. Year)
Elevation: 1,570-1,650 mts
Rainfall: 2,300 ml
Temperature: 12 – 22ºC
Water Supply: Natural Spring Water
Shade Trees: Inga, Gravilea and Avocado
Flavour Notes: Cereal aroma. Orange, juicy flavour, clean finish. Delicate body
Internal Cupping Score: 84

The farm is located on the skirts of the Volcan de Agua near the beautiful colonial
town of Antigua. They grow mostly Bourbon and Caturra and have a bit of Catuai.
On a nearby land, they also grow the most amazing avocados.
Rich volcanic soil, low humidity, lots of sun, and cool nights characterize the
Antigua Coffee® region. This valley is surrounded by three volcanoes: Agua, Fuego,
and Acatenango. Every once in a while, Fuego—one of Guatemala’s three active
volcanoes—adds a fresh dusting of mineral-rich ash to Antigua’s soil. Volcanic
pumice in the soil retains moisture, which helps offset Antigua’s low rainfall. In
Antigua, shade is especially dense to protect the coffee plants from the region’s
occasional frost.



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