Guatemala Coop Atitlan

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Guatemala Coop Atitlan

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REGION: Atitlan
TOWN: Santiago Atitlan Soloia
ALTITUDE: 1500-1700m ASL
MEMBERS: 24 Cooperative members with 700 other small producers who sell to the Co-op
PROCESS: Wet milling and sun dried on patios
BAG SIZE: 69kgs

CoopAtitlan is a cooperative with offices based in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala, a breathtaking town on the shores of Lake Atitlan. The producers that collectively operate CoAtitlan are part of the Tzutujil community, one of the indigenous Mayan groups that have lived near Atitlan for many generations. Most members live in Santiago Atitlan, where the coop’s offices are located, with 4 members living in other nearby towns called San Lucas Toliman and San Pedro La Laguna. The cooperative was formed in 2016 with 19 male and 5 female producers seeking to sell their high-quality coffee to specialty buyers for a fair price, and the group also buys coffee from small-scale producers in the region who sell their coffee cherries the same day they are picked. CoAtitlan is part of a regional ecotourism initiative, and seeks ways for coffee growers to diversify their income as part of its mission. It’s also working to bolster the coffee quality of the group, and this year CoAtitlan inaugurated its cupping lab to order to push their coffee quality even higher. We’re proud to work with this coop that prioritizes sustainable agriculture, excellent coffee, and better livelihoods for small producers in the Atitlan region.

Tasting notes: Aroma of chocolate, hazlenut, cloves. Flavour of green apple & lemon zest. Crisp acidity. Notes of sauvignon blanc, cocoa nib on finish.

Internal cupping score: 82

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