Guatemala Finca El Socorro

Guatemala Finca El Socorro

Farm: El Socorro y Anexos
Owner: Juan Diego de la Cerda
Region: Palencia
Town/City: Palencia, Guatemala
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Processing: Wet milling and sun dried in patios
Size of Finca: 500 Hectares
Kilos produced: 65,550 kg (avg. Year)
1,650 – 1,800 mts
Rainfall: 1,300 ml
Bag Size: 69KG

Flavour Notes:
Red Bourbon: Light pear berry aroma, clean, choc pear flavour, juicy, grape, Round, smooth body

Internal Cupping Score:
Red Bourbon: 84.75


El Socorro’s history is a long and complicated one. Originally the farm dates back to the 19th century, when Antonio López Colom started working on it. In the 1960s, it were Mario De La Cerda and his wife Maria Colom (next in the successor’s line of Antonio Lopez Colom) who bought a big farm that consisted of three different properties: El Socorro, San Guayabá, and Rio Arriba. Their son Juan De La Cerda Colom began managing this farm and as he had always wanted to plant coffee in this location, his father allowed him to take over and plant coffee under one condition: “Never become indebted”.In 1999 Diego de la Cerda  began to manage the farm and made some changes in the production and coffee processing, always with quality as the priority. Nowadays the farm produces many coffee varietals and has become successful and appreciated worldwide.





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