Colombia Asprotimana

Colombia Asprotimana LFP

Region: Timaná – Huila
Screen Size: 17/18
Process: Shade grown, fully washed and naturally sun dried
Altitude: 1650 to 1850 meters above sea level
Preparation: Fermentation is done for up to 48 Hours. Then 100% sun dried in drying beds and patios, for between 8 and 14 days.
Aroma: Sweet and fresh
Acidity: Medium
Body: Soft – Medium
Tasting notes: Clean, red grape and green apple, juicy with round smooth body

ASPROTIMANA was formed in 2001 as an initiative of 32 producers who were

interested in developing more stable marketing channels for its flagship product, coffee, to improve the social and economic position of the families in the area.  The social objectives of the project were initially focussed on the coffee farming families but the medium and long term aim is for the benefits to extend more widely through the region as well.

The cooperative is based in the district of Huila and includes 22 villages in the Timana, Elijah and Suaza areas.  The cooperative’s name is derived from the Timanaes tribe that originally inhabited the region. Coffee is the main crop, grown on an area of approximately 250 hectares. The majority of the crop is Caturra coffee, but varieties such as Colombia and Castillo are also grown.

Today the association comprises 85 families of small coffee growers who are committed to improving their standard of living by producing and exporting high quality coffee.


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