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Brazil Nossa Senhora De Fatima Organic

Region: Cerrado
Farm: Nossa Senhora De Fatima
Owner: Ricardo de Aguiar Rezende and his wife Gisele
Grade: 15/16
Varietal: Acaiá, Bourbon, Catuai 144, Catuai 99, Catucai, Amarelo, IBC 12, Icatu, 6282, Mundo Novo e, Topázio
Process: Natural. Cherries are left to dry on the tree, then harvested and left to finish drying off on the concrete patios.
Altitude: 950 meters above sea level
Aroma: Chocolate
Acidity: Medium
Body: Medium
Tasting Notes: Nutty, dark chocolate and vanilla notes with good sweetness
Certifications: Organic, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ
Additional Information: Located near the town of Perdizes in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, the Nossa Senhora de Fatima farm is owned by Ricardo de Aguiar Rezende and his wife Gisele. Both have a lifetime of agricultural experience and are third generation coffee producers, still living on the farm. They have dedicated themselves to the work of equally prioritizing environmental protection and preservation along with ensuring high quality and taste standards. In addition to being a coffee producer, Ricardo is an also an agronomist and has invested in replanting native trees, fostering the growth of the native flora and fauna, and developing a reforestation program for shade trees. As a pioneer of organic development in Brazil, the Nossa Senhora de Fatima farm has been certified organic and contributes to economic, social, and environmental development and is committed to sustainable organic coffee production

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