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Mexican SHG

Name: Mexico SHG

Region: Chiapas

Screen Size / Grade: SCR16/17, High Grown or Strictly high grown

Bean Appearance: Green/blueish, long and wide

Varietal/Species: Bourbon, Mundo Nuevo or Catura

Process: Fully washed, sun dried

Aroma: Sweet and delicate

Acidity: Medium

Body: Medium

Flavour: Sweet, light nutty notes with hints of tea biscuit

Altitude: 1400m

Bag Size: 69kg

Harvest Period: November to February

Additional info: The coffee production in Mexico is the world's 8th largest with 252,000 metric tonnes produced in 2009, and is mainly concentrated to the South central to Southern regions of the country. The coffee is mainly arabica, which grows particularly well in the coastal region of Soconusco, Chiapas, near the border of Guatemala.

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