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Sumatran Mandheling

Country: Indonesia, Sumatra

Region: Aceh Takengon, Bener Meriah, Ungkup Sambul, Sukarame, Bias ,Jagung, Sabun, Pondok Baru.

Screen Size / Grade: Grade 1

Bean Appearance: flat with clear mid line and a grey blue colour. Slightly rough appearance.

Varietal/Species: Catimor, Typica and Red Leaf Typica

Process: Semi-washed

Aroma: Herbal

Acidity: Medium

Body: Full body

Flavour: Herbal, fruity, slightly earthy

Altitude: 1,100/1,300 meters above sea level

Bag Size: 60Kg

Harvest Period: December to March

Additional info: Mandheling is a trade name, used for Arabica coffee from northern Sumatra. It was derived from the name of the Mandheling people, who produce coffee in the Tapanuli region of Sumatra. Mandheling coffee comes from Northern Sumatra, as well as Aceh.

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