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Name: Kalosi

Region: Sulawesi Island

Screen size / Grade:  Scr.16/17

Bean appearance: Dark greenish, slightly rough appearance.

Varietal / Species: Arabica - Catimor, Linie S

Process: Wet processed. Sundried on patios

Aroma: Dark Chocolate, herbal and woody notes

Acidity: Medium, well balanced

Flavour: Clean, sweet, winey, spicy

Body: Medium to High

Altitude: 900m to 1400m above sea level

Bag size: 60 Kg.

Harvest: Year round, main harvest: December to March

Additional Info: The main growing region of the central highlands is Tana Toraja which is situated in South Sulawesi. To the south of Torana is the region of Enrekang where Kalosi is the capital.

Sulawesi is geologically ancient, dating back more than 100 million years. This history has resulted in soils with a high iron content - thought to affect the taste of The Kalosi with its sweetness, high body, and smooth soft finish.

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