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Aceh Black Panther Specialty

Country:    Indonesia

Region:     Pondok, Bener Meriah

Hectares:   3000 ha

Altitude:    1300 to 1500 m above sea level

Process:     Semi-washed / Wet-Hulled / Sun-dried on patio / Hand picked

Varietal:     Bergendal/Typica, Bourbon, Jember, Ateng, Tim-Tim

Harvest:     March to June, September to December

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In the Pondok region of Aceh, coffee is grown by small holders under shade trees and is processed at farm level, using traditional wet processing methods known as Giling Basah.

100 Percent of the coffee farms selected to be part of the Black Panther Blend in this region are produced organically.

Pondok Black Panther is characterized by a delicate chocolate aroma.

The cup has a clean and consistant nutty, caramel and milk chocolate flavour profile with a slight sweet fruit finish.

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