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Sertinsa Roble

.Name: Sertinsa Roble

Region: Various regions

Screen Size / Grade: SCR 16/18, SHB

Bean Appearance: Bluish/ green, waxy

Varietal/Species: Bourbon,Caturra,Catuai.

Process: Washed and sun dried

Aroma: Chocolate and winey notes

Acidity: Medium

Body: Medium to full

Flavour: balanced, intensive, chocolaty

Altitude: from 1.300 - 1.700 meters above sea level

Bag Size: 69Kg

Harvest Period: Normally from December through to March

Additional info:

Our SHB Roble is a house-blend with coffees from some of the best farms in Guatemala. It is a perfectly prepared blend providing an extraordinarely balanced cup.



It is simply a perfectly prepared blend providing an extraordinarily balanced cup. The thoroughly selected SHB coffees come from growing regions, which are recognized for their fine, clean quality giving our ROBLE blend each year its unique balance in cup.

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