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Finca El Socorro Maracaturra

Number of bags available: 1
Farm: Finca El Socorro
Region: Palencia

Lot Varietal: Red Bourbon

Varietals Grown: Red/Yellow Bourbon, Maracaturra, Pacamara, Yellow Caturra, Gesha

Processing: Wet Milling and sun dired in patios

Size of Finca: 500 hectares

Kilos produced: 65,550 (average year)
Bag Size: 69KG

Altitude: 1,650 - 1,800 mts

Rainfall: 1300 mm

Temperature: 22C

Soil: Loamy-sand

Owner: Juan Diego de La Cerda

Flavour: Chocolate aroma with plum notes

Acidity: Winey

Body: Dense and creamy

El Sorocco 2

El Sorocco 3

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