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Name: Cerrado

Region: Cerrado

Screen Size / Grade: 15/16 FC, 16 Up

Bean Appearance: Greenish to yellowish colour  partly covered with skin

Varietal/Species: Bourbon,Catuai & Mundo Novo, Icatu, Typica, Catturra

Process: Natural. Cherries are left to dry on the tree, then harvested and left to finish drying off on the concrete patios.

Aroma: Sweet and soft and with notes of pine and peanuts

Acidity: Low to medium

Body: Medium

Flavour: A smooth nutty flavour with a sweet finish. Very balanced and not over-powering in one characteristic

Altitude: From 900-1200 meters above sea level

Bag Size: 60Kg

Harvest Period: April to September

Additional info:

Cerrado is an ecoregion within the states of Goia`s and Minas Gerais. Due to the flat topography of the Cerrado region, mechanical harvesting is commonly used.

Brazil is the largest producer of Arabica in the world and has now officially become the largest coffee consumer.

The coffee industry in brazil provides income for more than 10 million people and has a population of 190 million inhabitants, which qualifies it as the fifth most populated country in the world.

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